To: HM Revenue & Customs, Banking Operations, Central Deferment Office, 6th Floor North West, Alexander House, 21 Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, SS99 1AA (or fax 01702 36 6091)

This form is to be completed and submitted by the Deferment Approval Number (DAN) holder in all cases. (Please complete in capital letters)


    * Delete as necessary.

    ** If there are any changes to your VAT Registration number, please notify the Central Deferment Office at the above
    address, immediately. Failure to do so could result in delays in the use of your deferment facility.

    *** This form must be signed by the importer/proprietor if an individual, by a partner in case of a partnership, or by a
    director or the secretary in the case of a limited or other incorporated company.
    † Insert here the total number of agents/freight forwarders listed.

    For office use
    Agent/Freight Forwarder(s) name, address and VAT Registration number

    Please indicate below if each agent is to access your deferment balance